Deposits information

Deposit- In MGK GLOBAL, We will prepare a possible domestic remittance service burden of the customer is less. You can make a payment at the domestic remittance normal.

Various payment methods please refer to the following

wire transfer

$50.0 Remittance charge

  • Wire transfer
  • Dedicated account opening unnecessary
  • The reflected in 2-3 business days
  • Wire transfer
  • Time-consuming procedures in order to become overseas remittance
  • Average Rating: ☆
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There is a yen-denominated account and USD dollars. ※ In the case where it is remitted in a currency different from that of the holding account, to reflect to the account after conducting the exchange at our company.

Rikuiditei provider of MGK GLOBAL In private exchanges of the world largest banks in the top 20 of the world of London to participate, MGK help ensure high liquidity By using this exchange.

  • If the remitter nominee is different from the account holder, I can not accept your payment.
  • When remittance, please enter your login ID of the MGK in the message field.
  • It is not possible to carry out the withdrawals when you are holding the position.