Deposits information

We offer accounts that are denominated in USD dollars and Yen Denominated accounts. It's not possible to transfer from one account type to another so please make sure that you make the right decision the first time you make a deposit.

To help us offer cheap deposit commission you can go through a variety of different crypotency wallets found online below are some of the options that we have available.

Payment method

You can select the following deposit methods for depositing to your trading account.


There is a yen-denominated account and USD dollars. In the case where it is remitted in a currency different from that of the holding account, to reflect on the account after conducting the exchange at our company.

liquidity is provided by some of the world's largest banks, and allows you flexible Leverages.

  • Account name and card name must be identical.
  • When making a monetary transaction, please enter your login ID of the MGK in the message field.
  • It is not possible to withdraw while having a trade open.
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