Frequently Asked Questions

I have published in FAQ format frequently asked questions asked to MGK GLOBAL

With regard to payment, so we offer a domestic money transfer service, you can transfer money to MGK just make me transfer to the account of the subject.

Please let us know you verify, if you have any questions if regarding your payment method, and so have been published in here.

Please see regarding your withdrawal, and so have been posted on the page of here. Please let us know if you have any questions then.

The reason you can not log in, you will be seen many "password is different," "server is different" is. So, please check the two points here. Login information, we recommend that it be copy-and-paste.

Since the exchange rate does not move the time zone in which the market is closed, it will be not possible to be able to dealings. Until 5:00 the morning of 6:00 to Saturday Monday morning, until 6:00 the morning of 7:00 to Saturday Monday morning will be tradable time and is the winter time and is the daylight saving time.

Please note that can not be changed on the dollar account circle account, from the circle account from the dollar account. Please tell us the additional account so you can open free of charge additional account at our company.

It is of course possible to open an account need not have a bank account of the United States Dollar. When the payment, it will be credited after being converted to dollars from yen to dollar account of our bank-like than in Japan. Exchange commission it takes in that case, thank you for your understanding

Please contact us if you have any thing with the contents of the above