Normal Account

Normal Account

MGK international Normal Account is compatible with EA programming and general trading.
We offer Excellent rates and spreads. Try now!

About Normal Account

MGK International's live account can be used for a wide range of trading, from regular trading to systemized trading using EA. In order to run EA more accurately on MT4, it offers to display the chart on 5 daily bars. In addition, MT4 is equipped with a back test function, and it is also possible to test EA based on historical data.

Using a non-dealing desk (NDD) method. We automatically execute your order at the best rate without going through the dealing desk. This has made it possible to offer many benefits to our customers.

Enjoy the best trading environment with the narrowest spread.


  • Widely well-known ideal and reliable trading platform for FX
  • Also known for its high security standard
  • Easy-to-use for beginners and professionals alike
  • Unlimited and powerful charts enable traders to analyze the trend
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