MonayManager Partnership

MonayManager Partnership

The money manager is a mechanism which can perform asset management safely without having to leave the operators funds. Get money possible by the support of investors, it is characterized by operational status is to be able to confirm. Also, because it is possible to leave the operation to professional operation is possible even from small, it is possible to reduce the cost becomes a relationship of only investors and operators.

About MAM Manager

The MGK, it offers management software and trading software dedicated to various that have been developed in Forex money manager. Multiple account transactions, secure transactions executed by one click, by lot assignment, or the like, percent allocation, MGK is strong support for its customers and money managers.

Money Manager, you can use an account of free start-up fee also license fees also do not need spread highly competitive, and liquidity, high from the worlds largest financial institutions from more than one bank.

The MGK, and has developed a wide range of reporting tools to optimize the performance of the manager, to reduce the administrative duties. To help you take full advantage of the services of its own, separate our support team will assist the manager from day one.

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